How to Kill Adra Dragon – Gameplay

It was a long time since my first post concerning Pillars of Eternity, i was level 4 at that time and i was saying that Path of the Damned was not hard after all ! Well i am now at more than 120+ hours in this game, and apart from some tough fights… though not impossible… I am level 13 and i can say it once more…


Path of the Damned is very challenging but absolutely not too hard !

Actually i am at the beginning of Act 3, just cleared out my first area of White March in Potd + “High Scale” Mode… and i was thinking to come back to the Endless paths of Od Nua, where i stopped at the beginning of the 9th subterranean level… I like to change from time to time, so i came back to Od Nua at level 12… and i crushed everything from the sub lvl 9 to 14… (thus leveling my party from 12 to 13 🙂 )

Frankly… it was easy ! Until…
I met the Master Below on the deepest 15th area ! This fucking Adra Dragon… who wiped my party lvl 13 !

The first time you experience it is like… being confused ! What just happened for fuck sake ? I had a whole party of lvl 13 guys… brought down in a matter of seconds ! Geez !!!

So my second attempt was to TALK with it… her ! ^_^

I exhausted the conversation and became friendly with this big baby… looked around her and there was 4 Adragans behind… which are a pain in Potd with their charms, until you got the lvl 11 priest prayer 🙂 And then to the south of the dragon, a whole regiment of Xaurips including 4 priests !

Talk about Path of the Damned and it’s exaggerations 😀 Well after all… when you think to it… an Adra Dragon with 15 guards is not that much considering how powerful is this being…

Ok let’s try to bring it down…
Trying to kill her the “non-cheesy” way got me killed in matter of seconds… So… i quickly understood that i had to exploit the game mechanisms if i wanted to win… I didn’t want to change my party for one Big Boss… No sir ! And anyway this fight is ridiculously hard… Party wiped in a single breath ? sorry but i find that a little too harsh ! 😉

I also tried to do the alternative quest, meaning going to the dragonslayer with the dragon amulet, and telling the truth to him… thus gaining the perk to sunder the dragon defenses… but doing that wasn’t really changing anything, as i just couldn’t stand to fight the dragon + 4 adragans + 12 xaurips (including the 4 priests…)

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